Nintendo Drive's 2015 Predictions

After an exciting 2014 and an eventful 2015 Nintendo Direct, we set our sights on what else Nintendo might have in store for us. Below are our top ten predictions for 2015. Call us dreamers (or delusional), but we're confident these will come true.

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Retro Studios Making New Metroid Prime
Prediction: E3 2015 Announcement
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The Metroid Prime Trilogy releases on the Wii U for $10. Retro Studios creates a Twitter account. They begin a redesign of their website. Coincidence? Maybe. But, if you’re like us and insanely in love with all things Metroid, you’ll read much further into these three events than you should and come to the same conclusion: the return of our Samus Aran, courtesy of the team that ushered her into the 3D landscape. We’re predicting she’ll morph-ball her way into this year’s E3 presentation (as we space jump for joy). Also, the game won’t be called “Prime 4,” but will have a cool subtitle (and possibly new art direction) instead.


New 3DS and Faceplates
Prediction: 2015 North American Release
new nintendo 3ds, japan, face plates

Quite simply, there are too many damn faceplates (and rabid Nintendo fans) out there for this not to happen. At least that’s what we think. Perhaps Nintendo will push the New 3DS more during this year’s E3, when it’s likely we’ll see some additional exclusives announced for the system. If North America doesn’t get the smaller model, however, it’s safe to assume Nintendo’s next true handheld is closer than we originally imagined.


Pokemon Red/Blue Re-remakes:
20th Anniversary Edition
Prediction: Fall 2015 Release
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Now we know what you’re thinking: Pokemon Z. It’s gotta be Pokemon Z, right? Probably… but what if it’s not? What if, just a few months before the 20-year anniversary of the release of Pokemon Red/Green in Japan, Nintendo decides to re-remake the two games that started it all. Besides, we know Junichi Masuda and crew would rather update and
remake older games than release them on the virtual console. Is it a long shot? Absolutely. But impossible? Stranger things have happened.


GameCube Virtual Console Support
Prediction: 2015 Launch
gamecube, wii u, virtual console, nintendo

Remember that Wii U GameCube adaptor that was – and still is – impossible to find? Nintendo rarely launches their peripherals to serve a singlular purpose (think of those multi-functional amiibo lining your shelves), so we have a sneaking feeling that those beautiful, obnoxiously loud controllers will be back in 2015 for some GameCube Virtual Console action. In fact, the GameCube is the only home console M.I.A. on the Virtual Console – even the Wii is jumping on board! Melee. Double Dash!! Eternal Darkness. F-Zero GX. It’s time.


Animal Crossing Wii U with amiibo Line
Prediction: E3 2015 Announcement
animal crossing, wii u, nintendo

Given the success of Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS, plus the existence of the Animal Crossing Plaza on Wii U, a new AC installment on Nintendo’s current home console seems like a safe bet. Also, similar to the way the Marth amiibo is being re-stocked for Code Name S.T.E.A.M.’s release, we think Nintendo will do something similar with Villager. In fact, Nintendo will likely launch an entirely new Animal Crossing amiibo line alongside the Wii U game.


Club Nintendo Returns
and Rewards Customer Loyalty

(seriously, they do)
Prediction: Tiered Discount System
club nintendo

Say it ain’t so, Club Nintendo! Fear not, however, as Nintendo plans to launch a replacement service later this year. What will this service entail? Well, if Iwata’s words are to be trusted, he wants to reward loyal customers. We’re guessing we’ll see some type of tiered discount system that’s similarly based on the number of Nintendo games you purchase. At this juncture of the Wii U’s life cycle, we don’t think Nintendo will start making customers pay for online services, so a PS Plus-like subscription service seems unlikely.


New Luigi’s Mansion for Wii U
Prediction: E3 2015 Announcement
luigi's mansion, wii u, 3ds, nintendo

In 2013, Next Level Games wowed us with Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for the 3DS. The game was a critical and commercial success, filled with charming, original artwork, addictive gameplay, and robust online multiplayer. Dark Moon proved that Mario’s cowardly brother was far from irrelevant, and we’re eagerly awaiting his next spooky adventure. With the thought of the Gamepad serving as your Poltergeist 3000 (or 5000? or 8000?!) and new, beautiful HD mansions, our only fear is that this prediction won’t come true.


Pikmin 3DS
Prediction: E3 2015 Announcement
pikmin, nintendo, 3ds, wii u, three, colors

Did you try out that amazing new Gamepad update for Pikmin 3? Neither did we. But we have a feeling Nintendo dropped that update during the R&D involved with scaling those little guys down onto the Nintendo 3DS. Furthermore, Miyamoto’s new (adorable) Pikmin short movies give us confidence that these colorful creatures aren’t going anywhere for a while, unless we accidentally send them to their oh-so-horrific deaths. Here’s hoping that by next year, we’ll be tapping away at Bulborbs in stereoscopic 3D.


SNES Remix
Prediction: Fall 2015 Release
nes remix, wii u, 3ds, nintendo, nes

It’s clear that NES Remix was a huge win for Nintendo; a sequel and two retail games prove that this series has become a viable new franchise. Having exhausted the NES library (Clu Clu Land – really?), it’s time to move on to bigger, better, and 16-bittier things. With its extensive library of top tier titles, the SNES may provide the Remix series with the momentum and expanded fanbase it deserves. Call us optimistic, but we’re already clamoring for N64 Remix.


Metroid 3DS
Prediction: E3 2015 Announcementmetroid, dread, 3ds, nintendo

Finally, a new Metroid… we hope. If Samus does indeed return to the small screen, we think it’ll happen in one of two ways. The first: a return to the series’ 2D exploratory platforming roots. Or, a first person shooter that takes full advantage of the New 3DS’ C-stick and is exclusive to the new handheld. Miyamoto has gone on record saying there’s a future for both styles of gameplay, so anything is possible at this point.

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