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Editorial: Our Thoughts on E3 2015
That's a wrap! With E3 2015 over, we take some time to reflect on Nintendo's presentation. Did we love it? Hate it? Were we terrified by those Muppets? (Yes.) Read on to find out our....
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E3 2105: Digital Event Roundup
Another E3 come and gone, another year closer to Zelda. Though this year’s Digital Event highlighted a number of previously revealed information, Nintendo still had a few surprises up....
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Nintendo Direct Micro Roundup (6/1/15)
Like Lucas, yesterday's Nintendo Direct Micro came out of nowhere, and it'll likely be our last batch of news before E3. Here's a quick rundown of everything you....
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Editorial: The Sound of Silence
Hello Darkness, my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you ag- oh wait, never mind, I can’t. And so goes the sad song about Nintendo voice chat, a tune that’s barely changed since the feature became industry standard more than a decade ago....
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Nintendo Direct Roundup (4/1/15)
Ladies and gentlemen: start your engines (literally, if you’re a MK8 fan). For 48 minutes, Nintendo tried as hard as they could to make us forget that Zelda delay. And you know....
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Gene Therapy: Making Sense of Nintendo's Deal with DeNA
Surely by now you’ve heard the news: Nintendo is finally entering the mobile landscape. On March 17th, Nintendo announced its partnership with Japanese mobile provider DeNA (pronounced “DNA”) to....
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Editorial: Scalper's Paradise:
How Sold Out Products are Hurting Nintendo
Have you or someone you love been disappointed by the scant supply of Nintendo products over the past few months? In addition to the West coast port strike, which Nintendo recently confirmed has delayed shipments of certain products....
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Nintendo Drive's 2015 Predictions
After an exciting 2014 and an eventful 2015 Nintendo Direct, we set our sights on what else Nintendo might have in store for us. Below are our top ten predictions for....
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Nintendo Direct Roundup (1/14/15)
Ladies and gentlemen, 46 minutes for a Nintendo Direct is a long time… so long, in fact, that you may have forgotten a thing or two (or twelve). To jog your memory, here’s a “brief” rundown....
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Nintendo Drive's Best of 2014
Although Nintendo’s 2014 started slowly, both the Wii U and 3DS added some truly fantastic games to their respective libraries by year’s end. As 2014 draws to a close, we take a closer....
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Editorial: A Tale of Two Galaxies

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the age of energy tanks, it was the age of engrams. It was the epoch of space pirates, it was the epoch of moon wizards. It was the season of, well, you get the....


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Feature: Breaking Down the New 3DS

By now you’ve surely heard the news; there’s a new 3DS coming to the market! The name? The “New 3DS.” Seriously, we’re not kidding. Yet, despite another uninspired console name....


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News: Mario Kart 8 DLC Coming in November!

By now you’ve probably heard all about the new Mario Kart 8 DLC. No, not the controversial Mercedez-Benz cars. We’re talking about the Super Nintendo Kart extravaganza....


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Editorial: Nintendo & DLC: Downloadable Commercials
The first home console game I ever played was Mario Kart 64. My older brother received it as a gift, and I can clearly remember getting up early the day after his birthday to play it....


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Feature: Are Mario Kart amiibo Figures Racing Our Way?
Nintendo's new NFC figurines (called amiibo) were first unveiled at this year's E3 with a vague indication of their functionality. Although everything hasn't been clearly explained...


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Editorial: Our Thoughts on E3 2014
With E3 officially over, we reflect on the ups and downs of Nintendo's 2014 Digital Event. Did we walk away feeling incredibly excited or thoroughly depressed? Find out below in our...


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Welcome to Nintendo Drive!
So you’ve stumbled upon a little site called NintendoDrive.com and are wondering, “What does that mean - is it an address? Do they only play Mario Kart? Are they just really motivated to...